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All it takes, is an Idea and the zeal to work it out !
My projects span across various fields not limiting to VLSI Design, Computer Architecture, Volunteering, Application development, Embedded systems, Robotics and more.

My passion is in innovating solutions through the best use of technology. Here are some of my projects and achievements in brief.

"...because pictures often say more than words"


The reason for what I am today
Recieving my Bachelors degree
from Shri. Yadupati Singhania
Man behind the Change
Old Times...
Reliving old memories
Flash Mob by ECE'08 - SPSU
1 Infinity Loop, Cupertino
at Golden Gate Bridge

"Every moment is unique, no matter how you live it, Live It, Don't just breathe."

About Me

I am a graduate student at University of Southern California (City of Angels) pursuing Master's in Electrical Engineering with specializing in VLSI Design & Computer Architecture.
Yes, I’m a proud Trojan “Y”

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    Tech Aficionado | Voracious Reader | Wanderer | Chocoholic
  • I'm a technology freak and love to see things from varied creative perspectives. Dreaming is not just a part of my life but I feel as if it has taken all over me. This is what I do and wish to do always, Dream and then paint it to reality with technology. I have a lot of vivid ideas. I am crazy about realizing them all.

    I've worked on couple of projects (you can go through in my portfolio) and pride myself on the ability to deliver an useful end product. I intend to study, do research, simultaneously work and have fun.

    Beside my work which is fun always, I'm a Wanderer, love traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people, chocoholic, being surrounded by gadgets, Apple Inc. fanboy, crazy about automobiles, voracious reader, listening to music, hanging out, an addict to 70mm and love to try different varsities of food & drinks.

    I have a habit of knowing the details of things, objects that include or surround me. Let it be my pen or even the booze I drink. It fantasizes me of how it's made, where it's made and much more. Recently, there is also this philosophical side of me as I've started collecting thoughts and get drowned in it at times.

    I come from Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh INDIA and coming to my family, My dad is a businessman, my mom cares for us all and I've a little lovely sis. I live in a joint family along with my grand-dad, uncles, aunts and their kids. It's a blessing !

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